Arrangemang - arrangements

Ett urval av mina arrangemang. A selection of my arrangements.

"Ave Maria" from the album "A Divine Christmas" with Divine and Malmö Symphony Orchestra. CD 2010.

Arrangement: Anders Soldh

"Prins Ali" from "En helt ny värld". Gävle Symfoniorkester.
Arrangement: Anders Soldh

"The wind beneth my wings" from the album "Feelings". Niklas Andersson and Malmö Symphony Orchestra. CD 2012.

Arrangement: Anders Soldh.

"Fritoj och Carmencita" from the album "Svenska visor" with Gävle Symfoniorkester.  CD 2006.
Arrangement: Anders Soldh

"Je n'entends rien" from the album "Je voyage" with Charles Aznavour. CD 2003.
Arrangement: Anders Soldh

"Arrival in Switzerland" from NBC miniserie The Ring 1996,  directed by Armand Maestroianni with Nastassja Kinski, Michael York och Leslie Caron. Music by Michel Legrand.
Arrangement: Anders Soldh

"La Bicyclette Bleue", french TV-triologi directed by Thierry Binisti.Music by Michel Legrand.
Arrangements: Anders Soldh

Kompositioner - compositions

Ett urval av mina kompositioner. A selection of my compositions.

"Etoile des Milles Hiers". Concerto for trombone and symphonic wind orchestra, written for Gilles Millière. Recorded on CD.

"Danses d'ailleurs". Piece for brass quintet commissioned by the brass ensemble Epsilon. Recorded on CD.

"Une journée dans la vie de M.Pulcini": "C'est le matin déjà?". Suite for trumpet and wind orchestra. Recorded on CD.

"The Door" -  music from a computer game

"Main title" from a computer Game